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Small Businesses: The strength is local and the future is digital!-

This year 2020 has been a test for many aspects of the world economy and the way some countries are still doing business and sharing very competitive martkets.
After 20 years of internet availability and online access in region of Sun continent and Arab peninsula, the local enterprises mainly the medium and small ones are still in the very beginning of the digital transformation. There has been a lot of efforts and trials from the part government to encourage small businesses and technically equip them to find creative ways to leverage their role in the local market and economy. But there is only a little done to exploit the opportunities offered by technology and innovation from smart phones, the internet, soft ware applications, online platforms, and others.
Said region is still way behind in terms of using technology to promote and improve ways of doing business especially when it comes to small enterprises.
After a year of economic challenges due to COvid19 and the world’s new balances, it seems the journey towards a digital India, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates has become compulsory needed. Since the 2000’s, many businesses and interveners have called the government and leaders to closely look and make courageous reforms to laws, digital infrastructures, and tools which will help small enterprises stand strong, competitive, and have a better impact on the local market if not on the global one!. Unfortunately, the response from the government has not been at the level of expectations ,yet not to be underestimated.
In 2021, the digitation benefits have become widely acknowledged and needed to improve the business processes, the quality and competitiveness of regional small enterprises, and self-employed individuals. The goal after this year’s crisis is to have a solid digital infrastructure and a vision on how to make technology and digital access available and affordable to all regional enterprises whichever their size or sector they are operating in.
Many milestones have been already achieved when it comes to connectivity and creating some digital infrastructure that encourages innovative entrepreneurship. Multiple companies and enterprises have invested in implementing technological/digital solutions to the many problems they faced. The power of digital transformation these days and the continuous need for smart platforms have urged the regional community to open the door for entrepreneurs to come with new inspiring and innovative ideas for businesses and start-ups to address some local economic issues and also create a digital ecosystem.
Today’s world has shown with proof that digitization has contributed and is contributing widely to establishing sustainable development, creating new jobs and more competition, and offering access and equal opportunities for all.

Through only smartphones now one can access the whole world, find markets, order raw materials, promote their small enterprises or business, share expertise and services, building a community of shared interests and needs…etc.
We have seen an increase in the number of websites, group incubators, applications, and other online platforms that can help small businesses in

Shalooka is one of these free platforms which was created to promote very small businesses run by a non-savvy population and with limited resources. It is simply the best business listing model and a place to market, advertise for free, promote services, and create a trusted and strong community market place locally and nationally. With a wide range of features and services to be unveiled soon.

No wait.. the future starts now!
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