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Shalooka community latest release

  We have recently launched version 2.21 of Shalooka which is great improvement over the original version. List view is now the preferred UI but Map view can also be easily accessed.  With 10K downloads hitherto, we are now focusing more towards Asian market which is emerging and energetic in many different ways. There is […]

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Shalooka Released

Shalooka officially released as V1.2. Bug fixes, New features such as List Freebies, Search all categories. We hope you will enjoy your experience with us. Please help us build a secure and trusted community and Item sharing portal. Feel free to leave us messages and suggestions. Thanks to all of our beta testers who helped […]

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Shalooka intro

Shalooka is a fun and innovative community tool which will allow users to contribute to and develop what we call a “micro-community cells” which will be comprised of Trusted, like-minded individuals. You will need a unique user ID Tag, combined with your phone number will define your security credentials. Each device and and hence user […]

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