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Shalooka community latest release


We have recently launched version 2.21 of Shalooka which is great improvement over the original version. List view is now the preferred UI but Map view can also be easily accessed.  With 10K downloads hitherto,

we are now focusing more towards Asian market which is emerging and energetic in many different ways. There is large proportion of young people under 30 which is a great potential market segment. We are actively campaigning in Pakistan because we think strategically it’s a very important move in terms of establishing ourselves in region and cost effective as well in terms of financial burden as we are a very young start-up business which likes to save money  as much as possible.

Shalooka has evolved into a great combination of social app features plus the market place prerequisites. Interface is super easy and intuitive,  It allows users to converse and deal in a secure environment which greatly boosts user confidence levels.  Messenger allows sending voice messages as well as attachments. All text fields are voice enabled which facilitates users who are not comfortable in smart phone typing (I will be a prime example of it). Trust network also allows users to extend and share the confidence in certain user to a community which will strengthen the very foundation of community.  There is emphasis on donated or free items and interface allows for quick and easy search for items which are available for free. There is now option of posting “I  need” post which is a broadcast to community about user’s certain need, for example, user can post if they are looking for an electrician or an furniture items or a particular make of car.

We have seen a lot of interest from users in used cars and electronics. Services is a category which still lacks uses attention but it’s a matter of getting the message to users in appropriate way as to how to use this feature properly. This is a great feature where small business services sectors can present services to community as tutors, plumbers, carpenter etc. There is now great feature which supports small business to add more than one contact number. There is one new category of pets and animals which will serve a niche market of people owning and wanting to exchange or sell exotic pets.  We have also seen a great interest in fashion items such as make up kits and garments as well as in furniture category where users  can exchange or sell house hold items and kits such as table and bed sets.

We have also introduced Recommended video section which allows for selected YouTube Videos. This could be very useful in building user interest and engagement.

There is particular emphasis on small business promotion and presence. Shalooka is a mobile first platform helping home and small business wider audiences and online presence.

We are continuing our journey on this uneven path of entrepreneurship which is hard and bumpy in the best of times but we are hopeful to achieve our goals.  If you are interested  in becoming part of our lovely  team in any way or capacity (coach,  partner, helper etc. ) then send email  Shalooka.plc@gmail.com




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