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Shalooka intro

Shalooka is software and services company which is engaging in development of innovative community platforms. Shalooka originated out of the need for literature sharing where few very expensive school educational work books were available for re-homing or sharing but no platform or medium to find people who can easily find and pick up the books. Our main motto is “Sharing is Life” originates from fact that more we share stuff among ourselves, better is it for environment and planet. We are a huge fan of recycling and support all kind of activities which will help reduce carbon effect from atmosphere.
One of our first product is “Shalooka community” hereby called as only “Shalooka”.
Shalooka is a fun and innovative, community-based platform which allows the individual users and SMEs’ to contribute to and develop what we call an online location based “micro-community”, which will be comprised of Trusted, like-minded individuals
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in economic and social development of Pakistan or any other developing country. They foster economic growth, generate employment and contribute to the development of a dynamic private sector.
It is also worth noticing that Shalooka platform is a secure platform where user location and phone number is verified in order to protect user and community as a whole from risk of fake and counterfeit accounts and robots. This secure platform is further improvement and motivation to end user to adopt Shalooka platform.
Shalooka has evolved into a great combination of social app features plus the market place prerequisites. Interface is super easy and intuitive, It allows users to converse and deal in a secure environment which greatly boosts user confidence levels. Trust network also allows users to extend and share the confidence in certain user to a community which will strengthen the very foundation of community. There is emphasis on donated or free items and interface allows for quick and easy search for items which are available for free.
Further, Shalooka PLC also aims to contribute within the development of local SMEs’ by exposing and promoting their products/services to the individuals living in respective communities.
Last but not least, one objective is to use Shalooka for academic books and Literature sharing and exchange at school and college level. There are far too many needy kids who do not have enough resources to buy new books and course work. Shalooka is going to support and help base a platform for these deserving children, thereby establishing itself as a popular books haring platform which is going to help the virality of over all business.

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