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Shalooka intro

Shalooka is a fun and innovative community tool which will allow users to contribute to and develop what we call a “micro-community cells” which will be comprised of Trusted, like-minded individuals. You will need a unique user ID Tag, combined with your phone number will define your security credentials. Each device and and hence user is verified using one-time SMS authentication which is a very important step in ensuring the security of Shalooka users. We take your data and security very seriously and will take any steps required to keep them safe from undesired access. Shalooka also requires you to indicate your location to announce your presence on map to other users. Ideally it should not be your actual address but a spot within a mile radius of your current location. No worries, you can change your location later but you need to be physically available somewhere close to desired location as described earlier.

• Each transaction or acquisition on Shalooka will comprise of “Consumer” and “Provider “user roles.

* There are three Types of Transactions
o “Free” when provider wants to give away item or service without obligation
o “Exchange” when provider wants to exchange item or service with certain obligation
o “Sell” when provider wants to sell the items for some cash

Details of how provider and consumer engage into details of items exchange etc. is entirely up to them, using the messages and audio clip facilities they can come up with a suggestion which works best for both. When dealing with new members that you have not met before, we recommend that you see them in person at or around their registered address.
Each acquisition or transaction will most probably occur in person hence concept is mostly suited for members residing in relative vicinity of each other, a what we describe as “Trusted Contact Zone” circle. Shalooka comes with a concept of Trusted contact which is essentially a sign that you are happy with particular user and want to add them to your Trusted contact circle. You would send them a Trust request and they will acknowledge and accept it. Once Trusted both users will be able to see each other phone numbers. Being Trusted allows users to leave comments on each other profile, with a choice that you can review the comment before it goes public. It gives you a chance of sorting any potential issues with an unhappy contact. More people Trust you more likelihood that you are a valued member of community. Trusted by is an indicator only of your presence and value and integrity on Shalooka community.
These “Trusted contact ” circle hopefully will give rise to micro-communities within a bigger community where each unit is independent of each other. As we grow, we will work hard to identify the “Trust zone” for regional distribution and figure out the best way to connect micro-communities together. We recommend you building a “Trusted” contacts network gradually which will form the basis of your own like minded micro-community.

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