Economic Growth and Small Business


To foster economic growth, generate employment and contribute to the development of a dynamic private sector which constitutes mostly of SME and sole traders in underdeveloped countries, the main issue that "Shalooka" intends to address is to develop a notion of business-community based online platform considering their geographical limitations. Shalooka allows businesses to promote their products/services especially within the communities where they are residing and generally at the national level. In Shalooka each transaction occurs in person, for now, hence, the concept is suited for users residing in relative vicinity, which we describe as "Trusted Contact Zone". Further, like yellow pages, Shalooka platform enables its users to locate business addresses and contact detail with just one click. It is also worth noticing that Shalooka is a secure platform where user location and phone numbers are verified to protect users and communities as a whole from the risk of fake and counterfeit accounts and robots. Initially, Shalooka will focus at the local community, city, town or national level, and deliver economical promotional solutions to localized SME. Further expansion in application and its target market sector is planned and will be made public accordingly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** ******** *** ********