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Shalooka is a business Listing platform which is available to anyone. This listing can benefit any business or individual regardless of the fact of how big their business or operation is. Shalooka is a simple, reliable, and secure platform which allows small business such as home, shops, garages, and services, etc. to promote their products and services to a wide range of customers. We are especially focused on small businesses as we think they are the backbone of the community and the local economic ecosystem. It only takes a few minutes on smartphones, to register and create a business or private user profile, hence it is very beneficial to people who are not so familiar with the internet and technology. As a user, one of the major issue is to find a business with a good and honest reputation and this reputation can only be given by users who are satisfied by the quality of service. Shalooka is designed to keep in mind this particular factor. It allows users to grade businesses or individuals, using a scoring system.

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