EVInfo4u – Information and News on Electric Cars

EVinfo4U is a new website based on content reporting information and news regarding electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles have taken the world of Auto manufacturing and Sales by storm. The rising price of fuel, high taxes on fossil fuel cars coupled with other government levies and penalties on conventional cars, has helped the revolution of electric cars. The government of the UK has introduced a ban on the production of new petroleum cars by 2030. This has only accelerated the race of introduction of electric cars in the market and newer and better models are hitting the road every frequently.

There is a plethora of information and updates available in this rapidly changing market of the production of electric vehicles. EVInfo4U will try to keep you posted regarding the available industry updates and create a convenient one-stop news and information platform for the consumers.

They have updated the site with an electric car range calculator. Check it out.

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