Dominate Local Market-Guide to Local SEO for Small Businesses

Even with the online presence small business owners are suffering immensely because their competition is with the national and international brands that use the SEO strategies in their favor. You can also use local SEO for small businesses and grab the attention of the whole new potential customers. 

Well, you don’t have to be an expert in business SEO when it comes to getting more visibility on Google. You can use local SEO for small businesses such as Google my business application to update your business details and other Google and business SEO tools. There are various local SEO For small businesses which you can use to improve your website ranking and gain more business.

What Is Local SEO For Small Businesses?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization- it is the digital marketing tool that helps to attract organic traffic, increase the business website ranking, and improve ROI without manipulating the people on a large scale. It brings brand loyalty and customer trust that can last for a very long time unless something unfortunate happens.

On the other hand, local SEO is a small-scale marketing tool that helps small businesses to grow their online presence without costing anything. Local SEO is the method of website optimization for local search results. 

When a person searches online for your product or similar product, Local SEO will optimize the local search results based on distance, relevance, and prominence. If your brand’s product falls under the category your website will rank on top.

For example, if you have a business of antique artificial jewelry at cheap rates in Delhi and a customer is looking for a local shop in Delhi that sells antique artificial jewelry at cheap rates then your website will rank in top local results.

Why Local SEO Is Important?

The importance of SEO for small businesses especially after the pandemic and yearly lockdown has increased. Many small businesses that neglect the importance of local SEO and online marketing have faced dire consequences such as loss of total business. 

Here are 5 reasons for you to understand the importance of local SEO:

1. Local SEO helps small businesses to target local potential customers and build trust among current customers.

2. Business SEO can help small businesses to get the high Return on Investment as the visibility of the website increases the ROI will improve automatically

3. Today, Google is considered as the means to get the certification of authentication. People find those businesses relevant and genuine when they appear on Google Maps. It establishes trust among potential customers.

4. Local SEO is essential for mobile users. Local SEO strategies help to build more local partners and connections to make your website mobile search-friendly.

5. Local SEO helps to stand out among your competitors and establish your authority in your niche products. You can build your brand reputation with the help of local SEO for small businesses.

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12 Local SEO Strategies To Grow Your Business

Here are the best local SEO strategies to grow your business small business:

1. Registered On Google My Business

First and foremost, small businesses need to create a profile for themselves on Google My Business or GMB. GMB contains all three sections of business SEO – “ Distance, Relevance, and Prominence”. It is the first step to get an online appearance of local SEO for small businesses. We would advise you to submit all the information correctly to get the desired results. Ensure the right category of the business is filled in the Google My Business Profile.

Add your other business locations as well if applicable. Your physical address will determine where you will appear on the local search results and local packs.

2. Google Posts

Google posts are the extension of Google My Business, It allows small local businesses to post about their product and services with the most searched keywords. You can update your business information or share relevant facts about your products and services that can boost your customer base organically.

You can post this content on Google Posts in the form of videos, images, texts, or links to get quick results. It helps both the buyers and sellers to share new information and get the desired response quickly.

3. NAP

NAP or Name, Address, and Phone Number are some of the strongest ranking signals for local business SEO strategies. It is the basic solution to get into local search results. If you have noticed. Mostly all the businesses state the Full name of the business, physical address, and phone number on their home page and other sub-sections. 

When a searcher will search for the product via your location. Your business website will appear on the local search results. Businesses who purely work online even post their physical address and phone number to increase the website’s visibility.

4. Local Listings 

When your business starts getting a rating on other local sites and says exactly what your business advertises, it increases brand trust and encourages brand loyalty. Local listings can improve your ranking on Google and make you an authority in your industry. 

Local listings such as Facebook, Quora, and Yahoo Local are a few of them. For example, if you have an accounting and tax application and your information is relevant on other local websites such as Economic Times and Indian Express. You will be considered as one of the reliable sources and your website’s ranking will increase automatically.

Local listings of the local SEO for small businesses have a direct relationship with all three factors Distance, Relevance, and prominence as these listings specifically mention your business location and where you serve, the product and services you deal in, and the positive response of the customers.

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5. Ask For Reviews

Reviews are the deciding factor of the local SEO for small businesses. Reviews can build or destroy small businesses. It is a common fact when we shop online apart from the looks and what companies say we rely more on the customer’s reviews and experience. Positive reviews urge potential customers to bring their business to you and negative can ruin your business image. 

The online reputation of small businesses depends on the customers and client reviews. Always ask for ratings and reviews from your customers to increase the conversion rate. Otherwise, you might get a high visibility ranking but your return on investment will decrease or remain the same.

6. On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization is crucial for local SEO for small businesses. Despite the belief of many that on-page and local SEO don’t work together. In fact, it’s contrary to that. On-page Optimization works on 2 factors- (a) what are your product and services and, (b) where do you serve them. 

When you clearly advertise your brand’s products and services and locations to offer them, it will boost your appearance on Google local search results and improve the website’s visibility.

7. Headers And Titles

Small businesses need to address the distance factor of local search results immediately and consistently. Ensure that your website’s homepage and title tags show your business name and location on every page and subpage. It can boost your local ratings and your business will start appearing in the local packs.

If your actual physical address is in a metropolitan area or nearby use them to appear on the local packs. It will help to boost your organic traffic based on the listed location and business name. You also need to ensure that your local SEO for small businesses is consistent across your domain not just limited to the homepage.

8. Location Descriptions

Google Maps are a very important local SEO for small businesses. They don’t just help to locate your business but make your business more viable and legit in comparison to others. Many small businesses post their local images with local SEO Google Maps. When searchers click on these images they go directly on Google Maps instead of going to the websites. This small Local SEO google maps trick influences the local search result and increases the ROI.

9. Images

Images generate trust and reliability factors. Many local businesses attach their product and service images to local SEO Google Maps or Geotag the images with their social media posts. For example: if you host small get-to-gathers and functions, posting pictures with locations will improve the conversion rates and instead of just inquiring potential customers will visit personally if they are interested. 

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10. URLs and Meta Description

Small businesses can create the home page and sub-sections based on the location. It will help to maximize your appearance in the local search results. You can even add your location such as city or state in your website’s URL to gain more visibility on relevance and distance.

Meta descriptions work in the same way you can infuse your business SEO keywords to gain more visibility. It will help to increase your organic traffic and increase your website ranking. Many people click on the local advertisement because of the well-written meta descriptions.

11. Local Link Building

Small businesses need to focus on local link building as it helps to increase the local SEO for small businesses. As we told you earlier, local SEO works on distance, relevance, and prominence. 

Building local links will improve your website visibility from the relevance and prominence factor. Small businesses should build links from these factions:

1. Building links from locally relevant sites

2. Building links from industry-relevant sites

3. Building links for authoritative sites

Now, the easiest way to increase the local links is via publication or advertising at popular local publications such as E-magazines, local papers, review blogs, asking local schools to sponsor kids or advertising at local hubs and restaurants. 

12. Social Media Channels

Last but not least local SEO for small businesses should combine with social media channels to get a more effective response and fast. Social media platforms allow businesses to interact and reach customers where they are, in the comfort of their minds. SEO and Social media channels are two very important business SEO tactics. 

Billions of people use social media channels every day and which allows small businesses to expand their customer base and build a healthy online reputation. You can generate brand awareness by promoting and sharing your new and current products and services. 

You can add your most searched keywords to your social media posts and which will users further use to search your business which in return helps you to get the top Google ranking. Social media is a good platform to build trust among your current and potential customers as it shows that your business is authentic and reliable.

Local SEO For Small Business – Conclusion

Above are the best tools and strategies for local SEO for small businesses that can help you to make an online presence of your business and improve your ROI without spending anything on online marketing companies.