Local Business play Magic-Ultimate Guide to Local Services

In today’s interconnected world, the power of local businesses cannot be underestimated. From neighborhood restaurants and boutique shops to home repair services and professional consultants, local businesses play a vital role in shaping our communities and meeting the unique needs of local residents. If you’re looking to explore the world of local services or seeking ways to support local businesses, you’ve come to the right place. In this ultimate guide to local services, we will take you on a journey through the diverse landscape of local businesses, unveiling the magic they bring to our everyday lives. We’ll provide you with practical insights, tips, and strategies for discovering and engaging with local services, from finding trusted providers to making informed decisions and building lasting relationships with local business owners. Whether you’re a resident looking for top-notch services in your area or a business owner aiming to connect with your local community, this guide will furnish you with the knowledge and resources to make the most of the local business magic around you.

We take basic services for granted, that’s simply because there’s an abundance of them. Plumbing services, electrician services, food with delivery, travel agents, and even services like fridge repair are commonly available so we take it for granted. Unfortunately, not all these services offer the level of customer satisfaction one would expect. Even after spending a lot of money, you can’t expect to get the best service. The hunt for the best local services becomes even tougher when you move to a new city or a new country. Moving to a new city or country is incredibly tough, especially if you don’t know about the best local services and businesses, and where to go looking for them. You can obviously do a quick Google search for something like “plumber near me or electrician near me.”

These services are needed to improve the lifestyle of a person, and with the best possible services, you can enhance your way of living. Also, purchasing goods and services from your local business is a great way to support local businesses and the local economy. It’s easy to go to a local restaurant chain or a local grocery store, and supporting local businesses will help people in your area stay afloat and some of the businesses you support can offer incredible customer service. Big businesses and chains don’t really care about providing good enough customer service as they already have an established user base. 

What Are Basic Local Services?

As the terms dictate, local services are services that are available locally. These services could include plumbers near me, electricians near me, internet providers near me, food providers near me, and others. Most of the basic services are offered for free by governments, but those are facilities essential for living.

One of the biggest factors in the developmental state is to ensure that all the citizens in a city or country have access to some basic services. The constitution of a country requires the government in power to make sure that these services are accessible to every member of society by using all the resources present. Most of the basic services include:



Health Care

Social Welfare


Electricity and Energy



These are the basic services a government is supposed to provide. Other local services are offered by companies that provide goods and services to the local population. Most local businesses are denoted by the term “Brick and Mortar” and local business can be a locally owned business for a corporate business with multiple locations operating in a particular area. 

Regardless of their growing popularity more than 80% of people still prefer to go to local businesses and shop online. When it comes to local services, like plumbing, electricians, and food delivery, most of them still remain fairly offline. Asian countries like India and Pakistan have a huge range of local services, and small businesses don’t really have any websites or the knowledge to grow the websites to the point they started generating leads. As the world is growing fairly digital, customers also look for local services that are available digitally, this way, they can get the services conveniently and also check the customer satisfaction ratings left by other clients. 

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How Do We Promote Local Services?

To make sure that the best local services reach the customers who need them, they need to be promoted. And gone are the days of newspaper ads and pamphlet marketing. All sorts of marketing, including local services, need to be digital. Local businesses that have been around for decades won’t exist any longer if they fail to adapt to digital marketing methods. Marketing techniques that were viable 2 decades ago won’t work in today’s time. 

Below we have listed some of the best methods to promote local services:

1. Free Google Listing

Most local businesses tend to get their new customers from word of mouth, especially in countries like India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries. Old-school promotional methods include radio promotions, print ads, direct mailings, newspaper ads, etc. In the last year itself, 95% of consumers have searched for local businesses online

Additionally, positive online reviews make 70% of consumers trust local businesses. For customers to be able to search for your local business online, your business has to be listed on Google. 

Your Google My Business Listing includes all the information about your business:


Phone number

Operating hours


Link to website

2. Blogging is Essential

Most consumers are using the internet these days to search for local services such as plumbers near me. That also suggests that you need to understand the basic principles of SEO if you wish to increase your chances of appearing in the results when a customer searches for a local service. 

Blogging will help your business appear in the search engine results. Publishing new blogs on your business website will mean that your website will keep getting new content, which will boost its ranking. 

3. Join a Local Group

It is vital for local businesses to stay active in the community they’re operating in. Joining a local group is a great way to boost your business’s reach and stay connected with other business owners. 

A local society of businesses is the best option that you can pick. Regularly attending the meetings can help you boost your business’s reach

Basic Services Available Online in India

Not a lot of local businesses in India have their own websites. While there are food service providers like Zomato, Swiggy, and other food delivery services, they aren’t a viable option for everyone. Service providers like Urban Company also offer services like electricians, plumbers, home painters, cleaners, and others. Not all customers have the best options on these platforms, or the options are way too expensive. To help customers find the best services available online in India, we’ve compiled a list of the best local services available online in India.

Tiffin Service Providers – Tiffin Service Near Me?

Food is a necessity and probably one of the most important ones. Not having access to delicious and healthy food can lead to health complications. That’s why everyone should know the tiffin service providers to look out for. If you know about a tiffin service near me, then even if you move to a new city you’ll have access to food.

Homefoodi App | Online Food Order Delivery in Noida

Phone no- 095601 07937

Listing Link: https://g.page/HomefoodiApp?share

Neetu Tiffin Service

Phone no – 098117 85550

Listing Link- https://g.page/neetu-tiffin-service?share

Annapurna Tiffin Service- Rithala, New Delhi

Phone no- +919205507914

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/zBovVc6LSqM544gcA

Kumar tiffin service- Rohini, Delhi

Phone no- +919717446317

Listing Link- https://g.page/Tiffin-Service-Rohini?share

Manna Foods- Maharashtra, India

Phone no- +919890786024

Listing Link- https://shalooka.com/in/post/Homemade-Tiffin-Service-11231

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Electrical services – electrician near me?

Electricity and machinery can become faulty at any time. Instead of getting your hands dirty and possibly getting shocked, you should know about the electrician near me. With the best electrical services, you can keep your home running smoothly.

1. Minj Electrical Contractors- Rajouri Garden, Delhi
Phone no-+919650901722
Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/eC16igt3fCucyMQA6

2. Singh Isotech Pvt. Ltd. – Gurugram, Haryana
Phone no- +919999888902
Listing Link- https://g.page/Singh-Isotech-Since-1996?share

3. Shree Balaji Electrical & Co- Rohini, Delhi
Phone no- +911127884201
Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/b642NiMCrq53TSMz9

Phone no- +918802942010
Listing Link- https://g.page/ShivrajElectricals?share

5. Abhay Electrical- Krishna Marg, Delhi
Phone no- +919899106043
Listing Link- https://g.page/abhay-electrical?share


Plumbing services – Plumber near me ?

Having running water and not having clogged sinks is something all of us need. Unless you have a degree in plumbing, you can’t keep everything running seamlessly. That’s why you should know about plumbing services and plumbers near me that you can contact.

1. Plumber Pro Service in india- Gurgaon, Haryana

Phone no- 087089 91290

Listing Link: https://g.page/PPSIL?share


Phone no- +917042070493

Listing Link- https://g.page/Hariplumber?share

3. Arun Plumbing Services- Gurugram, Haryana

Phone no- +919599515300

Listing Link: https://g.page/Arun-Plumbing-services?share

4. Ajay Kumar Shree Plumbing group- Burari, Delhi

Phone no- +919871041634

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/CzkHjdwhCYQ463kz9

ProFixerz Services India Pvt. Ltd- Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Listing Link: https://goo.gl/maps/tjKqCFfhCEgPvNCJ6


Food services – food near me?

Platforms like Swiggy and Zomato that came into the industry as affordable food with delivery services have now become expensive. You should know about all the places to get food without having to type food near me in Google and searching for hours.

1. The Famous Halwai- Kadipur Village, Delhi

Phone no- +917838499920

Listing Link: https://g.page/thefamoushalwai?share

Kitchen Master- Keshav Puram, Delhi

Phone no – +919650872257

Listing Link: https://goo.gl/maps/a2YErsrBAXhSBezu6

Elior India Food Services LLP- Gurugram, Harayana

Website- http://www.elior.co.in/

Listing link: https://goo.gl/maps/dZgwWb1fH6GsiCUj9

Veeba Food Services- Gurgoan, Haryana

Phone no- +911244653250

Listing Link: https://goo.gl/maps/y5KrKSpC2uozrpyR9

Vital Foods- Mumbai, Maharashtra

Phone no- +919820445515

Listing Link: https://g.page/VitalFoodsHealthyMeal?share


Travel Services – Travel agent near me?

Who doesn’t love to travel? But if not planned right, you can go way over your budget. Knowing the right travel agent and travel agency near me can save you both time and money.

1. All India Travel Agency- Karol Bagh, Delhi

Phone no- +919810714646

Listing Link: https://g.page/all-india-travel-agency?share

Bluberryholidays- Shalimar Bagh, Delhi 

Phone no- +918076728390

Listing Link: https://g.page/BluberryHolidays?share

Travelistaan- NSP, Delhi

Phone no- +919711240189

Listing link- https://g.page/travelistaan?share


Phone no- +919871649970

Listing Link: https://g.page/travelindiavacations?share

VEE BEE Tours & Travels

Phone no- +919868203050

Listing Link: https://g.page/veebeetours?share


Mobile Services –  Mobile shop near me?

We can’t live without our smartphones and it’s the reality. In case your mobile phone gets damaged or you want to get some error fixed, you should know about all the mobile shop near me. Instead of Googling “mobile shop near me” and then searching for the shop, you should have one trusted shop.

1. CELL CARE MOBILE REPAIR- Janakpuri, New Delhi,
Phone no- +919213871313
Listing Link: https://goo.gl/maps/VLM3HGFbBQBry4pP8

2. BIGFIX E-CARE- Tilak Nagar, Delhi
Phone no- 073055 75757
Listing Link: https://goo.gl/maps/XieuGk8hQ3Pd9PAu9

3. Mobile Repair Zone- Rohini, Delhi
Phone no- 088103 68600
Listing Link- https://g.page/mobile-repair-zone?share

4. Bajaj Mobile Repairing Center- Karol Bagh, Delhi
Phone no- 099538 82609
Listing Link: https://g.page/bajaj-mobile-repairing-center?share

5. The On Spot- Gurgaon
Phone no- +919716562999
Listing Link- https://g.page/theonspot?share

Electrical Services- Fridge Repair

There’s nothing better than coming back home after a long day and having cold drinks. But what if your fridge is broken? That’s why you need fridge repair services that can offer customer satisfaction while being affordable. It’s essential that you know about all the fridge repair services that you can reach out to.

1. Cool India- Johripur, UP

phone no- +919211110866

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/SGmNFSiPTm3tJ6uS9

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2. Sk Aircon- Vishnu Garden, New Delhi

Phone no- +917835002320

Listing Link- https://g.page/sk-aircon-ac-repair-service?share

3. AIM Repair Service- Rohini, Delhi

Phone no- +919911545479

Listing Link- https://g.page/refrigerator-repair-service-in-d?share

4. Expert Refrigeration- Sitapur, Delhi

Phone no- +918510977436

Listing Link- https://g.page/expert-refrigeration-fridge-re?share

5. Harish Home Appliances – Mangolpuri, Delhi

Phone no- +919211093033

Listing Link- https://g.page/harish-home-appliances—special?share

Basic Services Available Online In Pakistan

Tiffin service providers – Tiffin service near me ?

1. Mom’s TIFFIN- Karachi, Pakistan

Phone no- +922132624347

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/akncbxqkCH4Ya4dR6

2.  TIFFIN LAHORE- Punjab, Pakistan

Phone no- +923054107018

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/zgSUZxqMkSGvoa6YA

3. HomeChef Pakistan- Karachi, Pakistan

Phone no- +923111222605

Listing Link- https://g.page/homechef-pk?share

4. Tiffin spot- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +923019783249

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/ZhtjFfKkNyV5DRT8A

5. Home Made Tiffin- Karachi City, Pakistan

Phone no- +923121244096

Listing Link- https://shalooka.com/pk/post/Home-Made-Tiffin–Mangayen-Ghar-Ka-Khana-9384


Electrical services – Electrician near me ?

1. Pak Electrical Service- Umar Colony, Karachi

phone no- +923433440663

Listing Link- https://g.page/pakelectricalservice?share

2. Pakistan Electrical Concern- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +923314148687

listing Link- https://g.page/pakistan-electrical-concern?share

3. Electric Works- Karachi, Pakistan

Phone no- +923208339416

Listing Link- https://shalooka.com/pk/post/electic–plumbering-and-ac-works-7369

4. Electrical Company Lahore- Gulberg, Lahore

Phone no- +923008475883

Listing Link- https://g.page/Nasir-Electric-Company?share

5. Electrical Service- Sialkot, Punjab

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/WmXHEyYvGb9oiuKt8


Plumbing services – Plumber near me ?

1. Home Maintenance Services Lahore DHA- Lahore

Phone no- +923215433221

Listing Link- https://g.page/HomeServicesLhr?share

2. Mr. Maintenance- Faisalabad, Pakistan

Phone no- +923326333360

Listing Link- https://g.page/Mr-Maintenance-pk?share

3. Abid Plumbing shop- Karachi

Phone no- +923132656599

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/RYwRS6qoMrXxwiG98

4. Nasir And Sons Enterprises- Pakistan

Phone no- 03060055507

Listing Link- https://shalooka.com/pk/post/Termite-Treatment–Termite-Proofing–pest-contro-10485

5. Afinity Maintenance Services- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +924236630002

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/eRhMxywWTF1cT25V9


Food services – food near me ?

1. Tiffin Express- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +923354943193

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/T9uAfJ8s3M51grHB6

2. Venus Food Services limited- Lahore, Pakistan

Phone no- +923213780963

Listing Link- https://g.page/VenusFoodservice?share

3. Savour Foods- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +9251111728687

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/T6EdP5GkdpMh1RFK9

4. Dera Restaurant- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +923224305059

Listing Link- https://g.page/dera-restaurant?share

5. Al Khan Restaurant- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +923481118811

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/uYb4Hpr2tNJcndD19


Travel Services – travel agent near me ?

1. Rehman Travels Lahore- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +924235764711

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/ECRrrB4jS39e7AEC6

2. Gerrys Travel Agency Lahore- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +9242111911111

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/TdpgrwTN2LEHjYuj6

3. Aero Pak Travels- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +924235762398

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/UtNRZWPAh9XkuatQ7

4. Lahore Travel- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +923458030888

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/k9rmD9AAPYntji7A6

5. ZUFTA Travel and Tours- Lahore, Pakistan

Phone no- +923008381844

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/fQ7F3ep4JFRDBxKe9


Mobile Services –  Mobile shop near me ?

1. Infinix Mobile CarlCare Service Centre- Gulberg, Lahore

Phone no- +924235784816

Listing Link- https://g.page/carlcare-service-lahore?share

2. Hussnain Mobile repairing centre-Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +923227861269

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/vEBriLpTBFsPgUHa7

3. Zay-Tech Computer and Mobile Repairing Services- Karachi, Pakistan

Phone no- +923008260292

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/CkRhKQHXMjQbaa4Q9

4. Kashif Mobile Repairing Lab- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +923229490588

Listing Link- https://g.page/kashif-mobile-repairing-lab-484?share

5. Bismillah Mobile & Repairing Center- Lahore, Pakistan

Phone no- +923004926990

Listing Link: https://goo.gl/maps/XVVRepFjH3hhLg7g9


Electric Services – fridge repair

1. Repair Home Appliances- Lahore, Punjab

Phone no- +923214792084

Listing Link- https://g.page/repair-home-appliances-lahore?share

2. Faisal Quick Center- Karachi, Pakistan

Phone no- +923413153553

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/GoiWvDbYGUmkLMB76

3. Junaid Refrigeration Co- Karachi, Pakistan

Phone no- +923002040647

Listing Link- https://goo.gl/maps/y2onWM8hKsHx7THL6

4. MIRZA COOLING CENTER- Faisalabad, Pakistan

Phone no- +923217802810

Listing Link- https://g.page/mirza-cooling-center?share

5. Sardar Air Conditioning- Karachi, Pakistan

Phone no-+923132407196

Listing Link- https://g.page/sardar-air-conditioning-repair-s?share


Shalooka Web useful service resources for your reference:

Click below links and select your current location to get suitable services near yourselves.

Tiffin service near me

Electrician near me

Mobile shop near me

Plumber near me

Fridge repair near me

Travel agent near me


Not knowing what to do and where to go in a time of need can be tough. Whether you’ve just moved to a new city or a new locality, you should know about the best local basic services. Knowing about all the local basic service providers can help you save time and money, and most importantly, you can lead a comfortable life.