Backlink and Guest Post – Feature in our Partner Businesses?

  • You can now create engaging content with a backlink using Shalooka App – As many as you like!
  • These Backlinks Will divert traffic to your web link over time and also improve your search engine rankings.
  • Remember More details you put in your web listing, the More Authentic your listing looks to the end consumer. We highly recommend you create listings as a registered Business.

Backlink with Appropriate Content – Some Facts Check

  • Shalooka is a High Authority, mature, reputable business listing website that is fast-growing and used by hundreds of small businesses.
  • We are willing to work with credible Home/small businesses, Services, and start-ups to promote their services and products.
  • We also feature a matured Android App that is used for business listing management and search.
  • We have new content and businesses posted on our website every day via our App.
  • Our Website is high-performance and we run our servers and database from cloud-based dedicated servers with dedicated IP addresses.

How can you create Engaging Marketing content with a backlink to your own Web Resource?

2 - Blog Post as Sponsored Post

Method 1 – USe Shalooka app To create Business Listing and Create Backlink

  • Download and Register Shalooka App from the Play store.
  • Add a Post and Select “Sponsored”
  • We strongly recommend using meaning and targetted content in the description and using the full quota of 2000 characters.
  • The more content you create better your listing is going to look to google.
    • sponsored guest post with backlink
  • Once saved, This listing will go onto the review queue, and once approved and deem suitable for being sponsored we shall send you either an email or a message for the payment processing link.
  • Your Listing shall be LIVE in the “NEW” Slider section on the home page after initial approval but the backlink will be disabled.
  • We shall send you the URL for the Post listing in Shalooka App.
  • —————————————-
  • Once payment is made your backlink shall be live and will stay LIVE for unlimited time.
  • Payment for a sponsored posts is 15-00 USD per post.
  • —————————————–
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Method 2 – USe Sponsored Guest Post service with a backlink on Shalooka Blog

  1. If provided, single Cover image – JPG – 1000(Width) * 600 (Height).
  2. Content up to 1500 words in MS word format, formatted with headings and margins.
  3. Upto two back-links in content, anchored with keywords of your choice.
  4. Email us the package with Your Business name in the subject.
  5. We highly recommend to provide us with alternate email/Phone details to improve the communication process.
  6. We shall get back to you once we have reviewed the content details.
  7. If you do not hear from us please use the web contact form and send us a reminder. Please double-check your SPAM folder.


One OFF Cost 50-00 USD and your sponsored content will be permanently placed.

We use Stripe for payment processing and do not store payment details.


If you didn’t hear from us in a couple of days, we strongly recommend you check your SPAM folder.

  • With due respect, We do not work with Gambling, Adult content, and any other Service which promotes Spam culture. If in doubt, contact us.

Why Join the Community of Sponsored Partner Businesses on Shalooka?

Shalooka is a growing digital business listing community that leverages its partners, both sponsored and ones enjoying the free features. in a powerful and positive fashion. For clients with no or less digital presence Shalooka is a perfect solution to promote their business by boosting the SERP rating for particular products and services. Your clients are more likely to find your services or products online if you list them on Shalooka, either using free features or by taking advantage of sponsored posts at a bargain price.

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We also provide an excellent collection of small business ideas as well as other guides and blogs which render very valuable information to startup businesses.

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