Shalooka Business Updates – Door Design And Manufacturing in Pakistan in 2022

Doors are not just the protector of your home but also reflect your personality and style. Everyone knowingly and unknowingly judges and admires the door design of your home. 

Besides their intended purpose of privacy, protection, and security, types of doors and their designs play a unique role in aesthetics of your home and offices. Material of doors and doors design can make you feel welcome or beware of crossing those limits.

Both external and internal doors have to deal with various weather conditions. Therefore, you need to be very careful before choosing the material and type of door. Some of the best materials that the door manufacturing industry uses are Wood, Metal, tinted glass, and PVC.

Types of Door

The classification of the doors is based on their working mechanism. Here are the different types of doors that are quite popular in Pakistan for home and office purposes.

1. Hinged

It is one of the most common household and office door styles. Doors are mostly hinged with walls from one side which allow the movement of the door in one direction. The direction of hinged doors is mostly vertical except in some cases like garage doors.

2. Sliding

Slide doors are more convenient than hinged doors and take less space. These doors can slide in one direction only along with the slide track. Most of these doors are of glass, fiber, or PVC. 

3. Rotating 

Rotating or revolving doors are mainly used at office complexes, hotels, and restaurants. They have a central shaft to support and have multiple wings that form different compartments which allow the individual to stand on the platform and pass on.

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4. Automatic

It is the new or modern approach towards the door design. Automatic doors are controlled by electricity, spring, or both. Automatic doors can get active through several methods such as motion sensors, switches, pressure sensors, or infrared sensors. Automatic doors are popular in both homes and offices.

5. High-speed 

High-speed doors are mainly used in the industrial or manufacturing sector. Some of the high-speed doors have a speed of up to 4 m/s. These doors are mostly controlled by temperature and pressure control.

Types Of Door Designs

Every door design is unique and serves different purposes. Some of these door designs are more common than others but they all are quite popular.

Here are few common door styles that are part of every household and office in Pakistan:

  1. Single-Leaf Door Design

The most common style or door design is a single-leaf door. This design is not only popular in Pakistan but worldwide as well. The single-leaf door design is hinged from one side to the wall and has only one rigid panel that moves in one direction only. This door style is popular for external doors and internal doors in all materials and designs.

  • Double-Leaf Door Design

Double-leaf door design consists of two rigid panels hinged to opposite walls and have two adjacent independent door panels that come together to close the door and go away to open. It is also known as double door design and french windows. 

The double-door leaf design is popular for external home doors, saloons, or cafe doors. Double-leaf door designs are ideal for big homes and mansions as they give auspicious vibes. Most of the old houses and mansions in Pakistan have double-leaf door designs for their external doors. 

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Wooden double-leaf door design has a traditional and vintage vibe but now you can either opt for metal and glass material or combination style like wood and glass to add glamour with class while choosing your external door design.

  • Sliding Door Design 

Sliding doors are becoming quite popular in Pakistan. These doors are also known as patio and Arcadia doors. These doors are made of glass with or without a screen. These doors are quite famous for garden and study doors as well. 

Door Manufacturers And Local Industry In Pakistan

No matter the kind of home and office you have and what your personal style is. If you are looking for the best door manufacturing company or local industry door supplier in Pakistan. PAK DOORS and Homify. pk holds first place. 

You can either customize the design of your door according to your style and preferences or order ready-made doors online of standard sizes made of different materials and purposes. PAK door and Homify both door manufacturers offer the high-quality door design and types of doors at very affordable and reasonable prices that will enhance the structure of your home without burning the hole in your pockets

Here are  few salient vendors and local door manufacturers in Pakistan listed in our website

  1. Carpenter/ Tarkhan Services Available in Lahore
  2. Haris Glass and aluminum work
  3. Gulzareen and sons woodwork
  4. Liaqat Sons steel work
  5. PAK doors and hardware store