Shalooka Business Updates – Printing Industry in Pakistan in 2022

The printing industry is one of the most booming industries in Pakistan today. With the improving economy, there is a significant rise in the revenue on the purchase of domestic and industrial printers and ink. 

COVID-19 has brought all the big printing business to its knees and many small printing shops shut down. Due to the closing of the mosques, museums, theatre, and offices. People stop buying clothes and stop investing in printing 3d materials that used to be an important part of their personal and professional lives earlier.

We admit the data we have shown earlier depicting the rise in the market revenue in Pakistan in the printing industry is very small but it is still on the positive side of the table as the situation could have gone worse. Therefore, it is the right time to invest in the printing sector especially in the textile printing industry, printing press, digital or 3d printing on t-shirts.

Also if you have a printing shop or business also deals in the export and import of the printing equipment like printers, scanners, and multi-function printer (MFP ) then in next five years

6 Major Types of Trending in Pakistan

Pakistan is known for its hand-block printing & textile embroidery for a very long time, however, the printing industry has witnessed several technological advancements in the last decade. 

Pakistan majors in 6 styles of printing used for various purposes such as offset printing or traditional printing still popular among printing presses or printing shops for printing newspaper magazines stationery items brochures books & many more but now the most popular digital printing & 3-D printing is also standing out for printing videos & textile industry. 

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Here are six major types of Printing used in Pakistan:

1. OFFSET Printing

 Offset printing or commonly known as commercial Printing is one of the oldest methods of printing newspapers, magazines, postcards, catalogs, etc. it is one of the cost-efficient methods. This printing style is used for paper printing however the offset printing press is compatible with different varieties of printing paper, card stock & vinyl.

2. Rotogravure Printing

Pakistan is one of the major players in the Printing & Packaging Industry in the world rotogravure Printing or commonly known as gravure Printing is used for the Printing of images labels wall coverings transfer Printings while manufacturing the food & non-food packaging items.

Gravure Printing is a type of intaglio Printing process where images & labels are engraved on the packaging material of the product with this printing technique. This style of Printing has a successful future & offers plenty of opportunities for commercial printing shops & press

3. Flexography PanaFlex

Flexography is also used for the Printing of food & non-food packaging materials. It is also known as surface printing or flexo printing. You can also call it a modern version of letterpress printing. Flexography is used for printing on uneven surfaces & materials & it uses rubber & plastic plate inks to print on uneven surfaces with efficiency.

This printing ensures all your labels & packaging information stays intact for a longer period or until it reaches the end customer. This Printing can be both colored & black & white

4. Digital Printing

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Digital Printing or Laser Printing has become the common household name in the last few years. The market of Digital Inkjet printers have seen a significant rise during the pandemic period as well, it is one of the latest technologies in the Printing Industry which has caused a drop in commercial offset printing.

Digital Inkjet Printing is low cost, faster, has high quality, more reliable & easier to maintain in comparison to offset printing therefore many small printing shops have opted for digital printers instead of offset printing machines that used to take huge places & only require skilled professionals for printing. Digital Inkjet printing has helped to minimize the operating cost & maximize the profit for local vendors for both domestic & commercial purposes.

5. 3D Printing

Printing 3D items is the process of turning tiny pieces & slices into a whole object with the help of computer 3-D printing. Printing is becoming famous for manufacturing & prototyping products to get a keener look of the item which helps to observe & analyze different angles of one object. 

3D Printing is a very complex process as it can also create moving parts like wheel hinges to show you the working mechanism of the object & help you in improvisation & rectifying the errors in the model. 

3D Printing has several applications and is becoming quite popular in the education industry, manufacturing industry, medicine, construction, art & jewelry. The initial cost of 3 D printers is high but they can be used for several purposes in different fields & give you the return on your investments in just a few years 

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Salient Vendors – Printing in Pakistan

Some of the listed resources and businesses are listed on our website.

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AR advertising designing and printing     

star panaflex design  

 Panaflex, Vinyle Printing & Branding

Future Of Printing Industry in Pakistan

If you are looking to invest or start a printing business in Pakistan then you should either invest in opening a textile or garment printing business, printing 3d items for different industries or simply invest in a digital Inkjet printer to open a small printing shop for domestic purposes.

Despite the slow growth rate, the printing industry has a bright future, and it is right to start a printing business due to less competition in the market. Pakistan is becoming the new manufacturing hub due to its low-cost raw materials and labor. The food and non-food packaging and printing industry is another sector to explore if you are interested in the printing business.