Shalooka Business Updates – Garden Design and Plants in Pakistan – 2022

Building a home doesn’t only demand time and money but also needs a creative mind. After all, building and living in your home is the ultimate dream of mankind. It is also the fact a home is the reflection of its residents. Therefore, every home has a different aesthetic that depicts one’s personality and living style. We don’t think there is any better way to make a first impression on your neighbor than the exterior of your home and what better method than creating a beautiful garden design.

Having a front yard or garden is very common in Pakistan’s culture and it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. The only thing that matters is your garden design, its plants, grass, decoration style, and the choice of flowers.

These are also the factors that can make your home stand out in your colony. Every garden design is different from others even if they have some plants and flowers because every garden has a different style and personality.

If you are looking for modern and enchanting garden design and decorating ideas within your budget then you are at the right place. Today we are going to discuss some popular and creative garden design ideas and decoration ideas and which plants and grass are suitable for your environment that will help you to create texture. 

Popular Garden Design Ideas In Pakistan

Creating a beautiful garden is not about pouring your hard-earned money but about hard work, love for gardening, and time. Creating a beautiful home and developing both the interior and exterior according to the latest trends and style can be challenging. Simply because while following the trend you also want your home and garden to reflect your personality to make it stand out.

Here are a few popular and creative garden design ideas that can beautify your garden without changing your style.

1. Creating Interesting And Fun Pathways

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You can create the pathway of your garden to your home. You can either create the pathways with different sizes of rock or create a gravel pathway with marble or wood with different shapes of stepping stones.

You can also make the garden pathway with brick and marble tiles. You can either hand paint your pathway or use neutral color bricks and plant potted plants and flowers on the side. A fun pathway can make your guest feel welcome and bring out the aesthetics of your garden design.

2. Building a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are becoming quite popular. They are ideal for both small and large gardens. You can choose the different shapes, sizes, and colors of the rocks and plant alpine plants or succulents that can enhance your garden. You can either decorate your garden sitting area with rockeries and add a fire pit as well.

You can use them on pathways, edges, or in the middle where you can plant some vibrant seasonal flowers or choose evergreen plants like Aloe Vera and hibiscus. You can use big rocks which you can use as a sitting area below the big trees. You are only limited by your imagination.

3. Build Raised Flower Beds 

Raised flower beds are another popular trend that would look good in large gardens. Your front yard will look vibrant and scented with the fragrance of seasonal and annual flowers. They will add texture and color to the neutral color walls of your home. 

You can either build a multi-level landscape or raise your flower beds in a stepwise manner. Raised flower beds on both sides of the entrance of your home can elevate your entrance. Raised flower beds will also complement the evergreen bushes and trees of your garden which will brighten up your garden.

4. Decorate With Gurgling Fountain

Gurgling fountains are one of the vintage and traditional garden aesthetics features in Pakistan. It will enhance the beauty of your garden and will become the wow factor of your garden design.

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The serene sound and beauty of a bubbling fountain will bring peace to your guest’s mind. It will become an important attraction to your garden. You can either opt for a traditional gurgling fountain for the center or opt for a more modern approach with multiple small fountains located at one end of your garden or a barren wall.

5. Choose The Minimalist Trend

Being minimalist is the new approach to make your garden design a simplistic, attractive, and practical look. You can create a veggie or fruit garden or plant some essential kitchen and medicinal herbs. 

Instead of making a brick or stone pathway, you can choose large concrete slabs with small stone glued in the middle or side. You can also add bird feeders or wind charms or use old glass bottles with small lighting to give a contemporary look.

What type of plants are suitable?

When you are engaged in the choosing and garden design and decoration ideas, don’t forget the types of plants you are growing is the main attraction above all. The first thing you need to focus on is selecting suitable plants for your garden.

You need to focus on native plants that grow well in your ecosystem and can adapt well in your region. Try to choose the combination of perennials and annuals, evergreen and seasonal plants that can brighten your garden when the season changes.

Few suitable trees and plants that grow well in Pakistan’s climate are:

Trees– Bamboo, Olive, Fir, Deodar, Blue Pine, broad-leaved Oaks, Maples, Amaltas, etc,

Shrubs– Cactus, White Saliva

Plants– money plant, Gul-e-Cheen, Rosemary, thyme, etc

Flowers– Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, and Bougainvillea

Create a Rose Or Jasmine Garden

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Rose and jasmine are the most common perennial plants in Pakistan. Jasmine is the national flower of Pakistan and it can be found at every nook and corner. It is one of the most loved flower plants in them so don’t forget to add it to your precious collection.

Another most common flower is the Rose also known as ‘Gulaab’. you can create a Rose garden or allot one section of your garden with different species of Roses. It will add both color and texture and attract bees and birds too. It can become the biggest attraction of your garden as rose gardens are very popular in Pakistan.

How can you decorate your garden on a budget?

Now, let’s talk about free garden decorating methods that will bind the whole theme together and enchant everyone’s heart. Here are a few decorating ideas for your garden.

1. Use ornaments like lanterns, bird feeders, garden charms, and statues.

2. Create an outdoor room or shed 

3. Add some garden furniture for your tea party or relax time

4. Style your garden entrances

5. Add trellis or pergolas, you can also use lattice or frames

6. Get creative with outdoor lights

7. Create a separate place to showcase your plant’s collection

8. Use hanging pots and big size artistic pots that match your outdoor furniture

9. get indulge in vertical gardening

10. Repurpose or recycle old tires, bottles, and plastic to create statement pieces

Salient Local Gardeners and Nurseries In Pakistan

Looking for local gardeners and nurseries that can help you to beautify your garden and make it attractive? We have listed a few of them below but if you want to find more options visit our website.

1. Rafaqat gardener providers limited

2. Home garden designers

3. Garden Services

4. Millennium Pest control services

5. Plastic pots for plants