Shalooka Business Updates – AC And Room Cooling in Pakistan – 2022

Looking for a perfect room Cooling equipment to get some relaxation on these hot summer days? The summer season is at its peak and heat is making indoor life much more difficult. It is time to buy the best Ac or Room cooler that is budget-friendly and effective.

Pakistan has a large geographical area that comes with a diverse climate. Most of the southern and west area faces heat most times of the year. Thus having room cooling equipment is a necessity. 

However, choosing which room cooling equipment is best for your environment and home that doesn’t poke holes in your pocket is quite a challenging task. Do you know there are different types of room cooling equipment available in the market under different price ranges?

In this article, we will discuss your effective and pocket-friendly room cooling options and their manufacturers. You will also learn how to select the best AC and Air coolers. We will also list the local vendors in Pakistan from where you can buy quality products at affordable rates.

Room Cooling Options

Here are your two effective room cooling options that are good for domestic purposes:

1. Air Coolers

Air coolers are most often known as room coolers in general terms but room cooler is one of the types of air cooler. The technical term of air coolers is evaporative air conditioners as the work on the evaporation technology.

Water is filled in an air coolers tank and a motor spreads the water on the grass sheets which enables to cool the air that passes through these window sheets. Moreover, air coolers help in ventilation and instead of spreading the internal air around, it replaces the inside air of your home with fresh outside air.

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The water tank capacity of air coolers differs and is based on the size of the cooler you buy but an average water tank capacity falls between 30-60 liters. Air coolers are one of the affordable and most budget-friendly room cooling options for Pakistan’s environment. There is only one issue, air coolers are a bit noisy and struggle in a humid environment.

Types of Air coolers are:

  • Desert Coolers
  • Room Coolers
  • Personal Coolers

2. Air Conditioners

Another room cooling option for your home and offices is Air Conditioners or commonly known as A/C or AC. Air conditioners or AC are a bit pricey in comparison to air coolers but they are quite effective for cooling the enclosed spaces. 

AC’s are effective in both dry summers and humid summer or rainy seasons because they work on the Vapor-Compressor cycle. An AC and refrigerator have similar working mechanisms. An AC comprises condensing coil, expansion valve, evaporator coil, and compressor. It allows the inside air to cool and dehumidify the air. 

An air conditioner doesn’t work in an open environment as it doesn’t replace the inside air with outside fresh air, it only cools down the air temperature of a room and dehumidifies the air. Therefore, once you turn off the AC the room stays cool as there is no ventilation happening.

Today many air conditioners or AC come with heating mechanisms as well and they can raise the temperature if needed and deice the condensing coil which reduces the cost of maintenance every year.

Types of AC are:

  • Window AC
  • Split AC
  • Inverter Type AC
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How To Select An AC?

The Pakistani market is flooded with a variety of AC but selecting one for you or your family is not an easy task. There are more than 2000 varieties of AC available in the market. Before you buy one you need to choose which type of AC would be suitable for your needs: a Window, split, or Inverter type. 

Windows AC is cheaper but they need to be mounted over the window so that the evaporating side inside the condensing side is outside for heat insulation but split AC is divided into 2 parts and is a lot faster, energy-efficient, Quieter, and more expensive than the window.

On the other hand, Inverter type AC can be both and they are beneficial if you face regular electric voltage problems. These AC’s don’t shut off and on with the voltage but only accelerate the speed as required. They are also expensive but can save a lot of time, effort, and money.

Another thing you need to consider is what ton of AC is enough for your room or home. 1.5 ton AC is sufficient for a 2 room home but if you have a large home or live in a desert area then you can opt for high capacity options.

How To Select a Room Cooler?

The process of selecting an air cooler or room cooler is quite similar. Once you are aware of the different types of air coolers then you need to focus on the size and shape of the cooler. Most of the air coolers are placed by the window for the easy ventilation process except room coolers that need to be placed inside the room or as you feel comfortable.

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Desert air coolers are mostly big and have large capacity water tanks but room coolers or personal Coolers are compact and less noisy but are sufficient to cool one room at a time. Many room coolers now come with remote control and digital panels with different speed settings.

The main thing you need to consider is air coolers or room coolers are quite cheap in comparison to AC yet cost-effective, eco-friendly, portable, energy-efficient, and saver. You only need to fill them regularly with water and enjoy the cool air.

Local Industry Vendors And Maintenance Shops In Pakistan

If you are looking for local Room cooling vendors near you in Pakistan then here are few local industry vendors for you but for more details you can visit our website and post your services as well.

1. Al-hamd electronics LHR

2. New General Room Air Cooler with Icebox

3. Super General Cool

4. Air Room coolers for Sale

5. Hussain Brothers Electric And Century Store