Shalooka Business Updates – Curtain Design And Linen Industry – 2022

The textile industry of Pakistan is one of the largest industries after the agriculture and farming industry of Pakistan. It contributes 8.5% of the total GDP annually. The textile industry employs at least 38% of the labor force of its population. Linen, Curtain design, and manufacturing plus towels manufacturing sector are a major spin-off of the textile industry as well.

Pakistan’s textile industry is export-oriented. It has more than 60% of the contribution to the total export items. Pakistan provides raw material in the form of cotton to the international market and stands in 4th place. In terms of spinning capacity, it holds 5th place in Asia and contributes 5% of the global economy.

Karachi is the hub of the textile industry in Pakistan. The key export items of the textile industry are cotton and linens. Pakistan is one of the largest suppliers of rugs, carpets, bed linen, and curtain linens. Their textile designs, especially the curtain designs and rugs are quite famous in the international market.

It is quite challenging to describe the textile industry and textile designs of Pakistan in one article. Therefore, today we are only going to talk about the trendsetter textile designs of the Pakistan industry and the rising market of the linen industry and curtain designs.

Business Forecast Of Pakistan’s Textile Industry

The home textile industry of Pakistan Plays a vital role in the growth of the economy. The home textile industry is export-oriented and one of the major suppliers of textile-like bedsheets, curtains designs, and linen fabric to Europe, America, and China.

However, the home textile industry is facing several challenges at the moment such as political instability, an increase in domestic consumption of raw materials for residency, and the hospitality sector. Besides that Pakistan is neck-deep in competition with China and India. The rapidly increasing cost of the raw materials is also of no help. 

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Lastly, we have witnessed a decline in the growth of cotton crops as farmers are not able to keep up with rising costs and low returns. Interest rate and inflation rates are becoming another problem in the growth of raw materials and processing of the textile in manufacturing units.

Now, the government has taken significant steps to deal with the financial situations and to encourage farmers to grow cotton and other export-oriented raw materials of the textile industry like cattle farming to get wool yarn. The government of Pakistan has launched the BMR program for Balancing, Modernization, and Replacement to provide helps to the farmers and businesses to get a loan on subsidized rates.

From 2020-2025, the home textile industry of Pakistan will witness a CAGR ( compound annual growth rate) of 4%. the demand for a certain trend of home textile designs of Pakistan is rising in the international market. If everything goes as planned then Pakistan will become the leading supplier of the linen industry and fabrics such as bedsheets, rugs, flooring, and curtain designs.

Rise In Export Of Linen

Since 2016, the demand for home textiles from Pakistan is increasing rapidly. This section of the market mainly includes products made of linen such as bed linen, bath linen, kitchen, linens, drapes and curtain designs, upholstery, and Flooring. The high quality of the linen products at pleasant prices are unbeatable and provide a classy and ethnic look to your home decor.

The United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands are the top importing markets of Pakistan’s linen. Bed linens knitted or woven, single layer or multiple have high demands in the international market. Besides that bath linen, kitchen, towel linen, curtain designs linen are also becoming a quite popular new trend of the home textile industry.

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Rise In Export Of Flooring Trends

Pakistan’s floor covering market is also seeing a rise in demand in both domestic and international markets. Simply because of the infrastructure development, change of lifestyle and rapidly increasing market of home decor. Now, every common man wants to design their home like a pro. Especially, when it comes to floorings such as rugs and carpets. 

A floor covering also helps in the insulation of the home while adding a pinch of color and texture to the pastel’s wall and floor with class. The rise of the construction industry and improving the economic relationship between China and Pakistan will improve the demand for flooring in the international market.

Market Segmentation Of The Linen Industry

The linen sector of the home textile industry is one of the major players after the cotton textile industry. We have divided the line market by product, end-user, and distribution channel for your convenience.

By Product:

Bed Linen

Bath Linen

Kitchen Linen



By End-User:


Hospitality and Leisure




By Distribution Channel:

Specialty Stores

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Online Stores


Key Trend Of The Market ( Curtain Designs)

Curtains and drapes have an important role in the interior decoration of your home and offices. They are not just for decor purposes but have practical application too. If you are not into heavy drapes and looking for elegant curtain designs that will look good and serve the purpose then pay attention to Pakistan’s famous curtain designs and styles.

1. Pleated Curtain Design- Pleated curtains designs are vintage and elegant. They look adorable in your living room or bedroom. Pleated curtain designs come in different styles such as Box pleat curtains, three-finger pinched pleat, and Pencil Pleat curtain designs. They are one of the most common curtain designs you can see in Indian and Pakistan’s homes.

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2. Eyelet Curtain Design- Eyelet curtains designs are modern and convenient. They have a limited number of pleats with the hole with a metal covering on the top that fits directly into the curtain rods. They are easy to pull on and off.

3. Window Blinds- Window blinds are made of different fabrics both natural and synthetic. They only form pleats when rolled up or down the window. They are mainly to protect or control the sunlight and winds. 

4. Tab Top Curtain Designs- these curtain designs look elegant for your office decor. They are a form of sheets or flaps of fabric that are fit through a rod. They don’t glide on curtain rods but provide enough screening for privacy with control over natural light.

5. Bamboo Blinds (Chiks)- Bamboo Chiks is quite common in Pakistan’s city as it protects you from the summer heat and filters the air. If you are looking for eco-friendly curtain design options for your balcony, patio, or roof the bamboo blinds ( chiks ) is a must-have.

Salient Vendors And Manufacturers Of The Linen Industry And Curtain Designs In Pakistan

We have listed a few local vendors and suppliers of the home textile industry. You can also visit our website for more information.

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