Shalooka Business Updates – Furniture Designs and Types in Pakistan – 2022

Are you moving into your new home or office or planning for remodeling? Well, one of the essential features of any home and office is “Furniture”. A piece of cool furniture can light up the empty walls and change the aesthetics of the place. Today, We are going to talk about the best furniture designs and their types. Pakistan is a country of art, culture, and religion. Pakistan is a nation of diversity in culture, region, and diversity. Besides that this nation has witnessed many diverse cultures for a long time like the Mughal dynasty and colonial era.

As a result, despite being a one religion country every region has a different lifestyle and is still evolving with time. You can easily detect the similarities and differences among this lifestyle through their cuisine, home, and furniture designs. 

Before buying any new furniture design or trying to follow the latest and modern trends of the industry, you need to understand they might look beautiful in catalog and videos but they are not that likable or suit in Pakistan’s culture like Boho, industrial, and chic furniture design.

Popular furniture designs and styles in Pakistan

1. Traditional Furniture Design- This furniture design includes Sheraton and Chippendale-style furniture pieces. These pieces define cultural heritage in the form of woodcraft furniture with ornamentation. Every single piece is art with intricate details.

2. Modern Furniture Design- Modern furniture design is the combination of monochromatic color patterns in different materials like steel, plastic, vinyl, and leather. This furniture design came from the early 1900s as a result of the modernist movement.

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3. Contemporary Design- Contemporary style furniture is the combination of west furniture designs with traditional furniture designs. You can see the basic designs with a few stylish tweaks and improvements. 

4. Vintage style- Vintage furniture designs are style statements of the new era but belongs to a 50 or 100 years before period. It is younger than antique furniture designs. It reflects nostalgia. These pieces are used and that is what makes them exciting.

5. Minimalist- minimalist furniture design is the combination of many styles such as Contemporary, art and craft, and modern. This style mostly contains round shapes and smooth edges furniture pieces with multiple purposes. They are more earthy tone furniture pieces that reflect comfort, style, clean, and subtle furniture that brings peace and relaxation to your eyes and mind.

6. American Design- Pakistan’s interior style follows the design of the west may be due to their influence on their region. To simply put, opposites attract. American design furniture is practical, modern, and classic. It includes several types of material from woodcraft furniture to Brass furniture with fabric and leather.

7. Art Deco furniture design- Art and Deco furniture designs represent bold and creative designs in bright color patterns that states night is still alive. This style originated after world war 1. It has bold and unique furniture design pieces in vibrant colors, shiny materials, exotic wood, and geometric shapes. They look quite beautiful in round shape living rooms and open floors.

8. Rustic Furniture design- Rustic style furniture design is made from natural materials and fabrics such as timber and cotton. It brings warmth and coziness to the room. Rustic furniture style doesn’t focus on straight lines and shapes. They represent nature and neutral tones of passing time.

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Types Of Furniture

No matter, if you are looking for just a single piece of furniture or a whole set. Whether you are looking for a modern furniture design or an artistic vintage piece, a single piece of furniture can change the whole aesthetic of your home and office.

Before buying furniture for your new home or remodeling, try to pay some attention to the types of furniture that are going to fill up your empty room. The size and number of the rooms matter but style and furniture designs can change your perspective.

A simple room can become the main attraction of your home with a change in furniture design and its type. Remodeling and interior decorating is a work of imagination and creativity so don’t hesitate to try traditional and bombastic modern furniture design despite the size of your home. Be creative!

Here, we have listed different types of furniture for you to choose from:

1. Living Room Furniture

The living room is the focal point of any home, small or large. Therefore, it demands you to be practical and experimental. It is up to you if you want to select individual pieces to match your theme or buy a full set. They mainly come in Fabric and leather textures on wooden work.

Living room furniture pieces include:

  • Sofas
  • Sectionals
  • Sleeper sofas
  • Accent chairs
  • Recliners
  • Chaises
  • Swivels and Gliders
  • Ottoman
  • Coffee tables etc.

2. Dining Room Furniture

If you are looking for furniture for your dining room then here are your essential dining room pieces that can bring the whole family together.

  • Dining tables- Round, Rectangular, Square
  • Armchairs
  • Side Chairs
  • Bar and Counter stools
  • Sideboards
  • Console tables
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3. Bedroom Furniture

A peaceful and elegant bedroom is the requirement for a good night’s sleep. Therefore, choose the furniture design that is comfy, cozy, and neutral in shade. The material and style of the bedroom furniture could fluctuate.

Key Pieces of bedroom furniture are:

  • Beds- Wood and upholstered
  • Headboards
  • Nightstands
  • Dressers
  • Chests and armoires
  • Mirrors
  • Mattresses
  • Benches

4. Office Furniture

Your office is your second home and you only want neutral or pastel shades that will enhance your desk elegance without over-brightening the room. Here are few essential pieces for your work from home or regular office:

  • Desks
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Bookcases

Salient Local Industry Manufacturers And Vendors

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