Shalooka Business Updates – Home Design and Construction in Pakistan – 2022

With the evolution of modern home design and home construction ideas, you can witness the significant change in home designs in the past decade. From the Mughal architectural design homes in Lahore and colonial period building designs in Karachi to modern minimalistic and contemporary style home design and home construction ideas is the new trend.

Most of the new home construction trends are based on open-floor plans with straight-line designs but obviously, a house is only functional when it is a collaboration of personal style with new trends.

However, these open-floor plan home designs provide plenty of home decoration opportunities to convert a house into your dream home. Most of the home designs in Pakistan are a combination of modern and traditional designs.

Another significant change in home construction is visible in roof designs. Now, all the modern home designs are in rectangular shape and have a flat roof which has its benefits dry summers and arid climate. They can also be used as a roof garden, patio, or terrace with seating and entertainment options.

Although you also need to consider the topography, if you want to construct a home in the northern side of the country then flat roofs are not a good idea due to heavy snowfall in the winters. 

Most Common Home design and Construction Styles in Pakistan

If you are looking for new modern home designs that you can decorate or convert into your personal sanctuary then here are a few types of popular home construction styles of new and modern Pakistan.

1. Modern Architecture

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Modern Architecture home designs came into existence in the first half of the 20th century but gained popularity after the second world war. It is considered as the first modern home design on which other home construction styles are based.

The main feature of modern architecture is its simplicity. This architecture design prefers functionality over ornamentation so no more outer exterior just simple and crisp linear lines or walls with minimum home decoration. 

These layouts are practical and convenient and have floor-to-ceiling windows, flat roofs, open floor plans, a simplified structure that can be one or more than one story. The outer exterior is mostly made of glass and steel doors and windows.

2. International Style

International style is kind of a part of modern architecture. It is one of the easiest and most popular home construction styles in Pakistan. Modern architecture is the collaboration of many architectural thoughts and imagination. It is a quiet and wide architectural design that can be fit into different topological locations worldwide. International style home construction ideas are just one part of it.

The term itself emerged only after 1932 but many architectural home designs in Europe from early 1910 are similar to international style. There is a very slight difference between modern and international style architectures such as the use of industrial materials instead of utilitarian materials, rounded corners instead of rectangular home designs.

Lack of ornaments and color, designed on natural light and exterior is made of glass, reinforced steel, and concrete.

3. Contemporary Home Design

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If you are looking for an open floor plan with simplicity and style, then contemporary home designs are very popular and common architectural structures in Pakistan today. Contemporary home designs continue to evolve and innovate but their basic guideline remains the same.

These home designs are simple, clean, and creative with minimum ornamentation. Contemporary home design was born in the 21st century. They are also part of modern architecture, but they are more environmentally friendly because they use recyclable and sustainable building materials in construction.

The main features of contemporary home designs are irregular and asymmetrical facades with strong geometrical shapes, flat roofs with uneven flooring designs, flexible interior layout, utilization of the outdoor space. Stylish wall designs are part of this structure, home wall papers and PVC panels are integral part of these home designs and their interior decoration.

Contemporary home construction styles are the combination of technology with organic building materials to save natural resources and conserve energy. Rooftop gardens, balcony or patio are the common features. These structures can be both single or double stories.

4. Minimalist Architecture

Minimalist architecture design focuses on simplicity and efficiency while eliminating everything that can be seen as extra or can function without it. Minimalist means eliminating all the exterior such as large ornamental gates and gardens that can simply be replaced by an open parking lot or open garden with wiring.

Minimalist architecture did emerge in the 1920s but became popular during the 1970s minimalist movement. It was the movement against showbiz and prioritizing efficiency and over appearances.

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This type of architecture is based on functionality only and zero ornamentation and home decoration. It is the opposite of contemporary home designs. Some prominent features of minimalist architecture are clean and straight lines, geometric forms, neutral and monochromatic color patterns which eliminate any home wallpapers and PVC panels.

Wall is finished simple, bare, or neutral. It has an open layout with natural light. Focuses mainly on modest detailing, functional elements, and home decor pieces with minimum accessories to personalize.

Salient Home Decorators and Home Construction Local Vendors in Pakistan

Here are some of the local home decorators, home building, and construction companies in Pakistan that will help you to build and design your dream home with efficiency. If you are also interested in buying a property then you can also find some local proprietors then you can find on our website.

1. Alpen City M9 Super Highway

2. Plots in Bahria Town

3. Ajmeri Associates

4. Home Maintenance and interior decoration

5. Home Decor and False ceiling Design 

Home construction and building design have come a long way since Mughal and colonial-era-based home designs. Now people are moving towards open-floor plans that keep them close to nature while fulfilling all their personalized home design requirements.

Open floor plans are only restricted by your imagination. You can either keep them minimalist or turn them into art by opting for a variety of home decoration ideas such as painting, home wallpapers, and PVC wall panels.